Rehabilitation and Physical Agility

We are located at:
Tiger Tennis & Fitness Club
42 Fairfield Place
West Caldwell, NJ 07006

For more information please call:
    Natalia - 201-757-3967 


Private Reformer Session
$25.00 (30 min session)
*New Clients Only. Cannot be combined with any other promotions.


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Pilates Dynamix Policies

> To confirm your place in a class or session, payment must be made in advance.
> No-shows and cancellations less than 24 hours in advance are charged in full.

> If you need to cancel a class, please do so as soon as possible—this courtesy enables other students to sign-up for classes.
> A cancellation notice should be in the form of voicemail or text message to 201-294-8465.
> All sales are final. There are no refunds.
> Prepaid Pilates services are transferable but not refundable.

> Class schedules and instructors are subject to change.
> Your session time remains within your scheduled time slot. Your instructor is not obligated to “run over” nor is he/she obligated to add time to another session.

> Inform the instructor of any serious health conditions such as neck, back, or joint injuries, heart disease, high blood pressure, recent surgery and pregnancy.
> Do not practice Pilates while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including prescribed drugs) which may alter your ability to judge your physical capabilities.

> Keep conversation to a minimum as this is disruptive and distracting. Pilates is an exercise form that requires concentration and focus.
> Tardiness disrupts group classes. Be respectful of class times and other classes taking place due to our open atmosphere.
>Silence all cell phones prior to class.

>Socks are required on all equipment. We recommend using socks with grips for safety.
>Fitted athletic or dance wear is recommended so instructors are able to see your alignment and form. If a client chooses to wear shorts, she or he must wear the proper undergarment.
>Do not wear clothes with zippers, snaps, etc., that might get caught on equipment or scratch the equipment upholstery.
>Refrain from wearing heavy perfumes, colognes and scented lotions. These products may cause adverse health effects in a closed-circulation room where people are exercising.

>Leave all apparatus wiped clean, set-up and ready for the next person.